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Internet Based Network Marketing Or Old School Network Marketing?

Internet Based Network Marketing Or Old School Network Marketing?
By [] Joe LoBalsamo

Internet Based Network Marketing Or Old School Network Marketing? The other day I was speaking with a client and he asked me, Joe, is their a difference between Internet Based Network Marketing or old school Network Marketing? The answer I gave him was a definite YES! Most new and veteran network marketers run their business using just old school methods. Old school network marketing does work but you can’t just stop their. Internet Based Network Marketing and old school network marketing I think, should be combined to achieve the most success. Doing meetings, parties and buying leads from lead vendors and cold calling them is not the only ways to build your business.

Internet Based Network Marketing is a very effective way to run your network marketing business. Most people don’t use the Internet to build their mlm business because many upline leaders in our industry don’t know how themselves or just want to keep it a secret. Using the Internet to apply Internet Based Network Marketing will give you the ability to generate your own targeted leads that will only be yours and not shared with five to ten other people. Using Internet Based Network Marketing will allow you to generate the most responsive targeted leads you can get because they are the type of prospects you should be targeting. Buying leads from lead companies, I think is a waste of your money. You spend money and never get a ROI (return on investment ) back. The leads you get are not your target market also. Before you know it, you are running out of all your advertising cash. You also have to make cold calls to those so called leads and that’s not very duplicable. This makes many people in our industry quit before they even get started.

Using Internet Based Network Marketing also can teach you how to generate you own targeted traffic. When you know what works when it comes to driving traffic to your site and generating leads, then you have no need to buy them from lead companies anymore. This will save you a lot of advertising cash. Internet Based Network Marketing will give you the opportunity to have the targeted leads you generate, pay you cash to be on your list. This will allow you to fund all your advertising cost so you can generate endless amounts of traffic and RED-HOT-TARGETED LEADS that are your real target market. Many people on your list will get started in your primary business without you cold calling them. This is a big benefit of Internet Based Network Marketing. This gives you complete control over running your network marketing business. You know, were your traffic and leads are coming from. When you don’t generate your own traffic and leads, you never really know how their generated and were their coming from. Using the Internet to use Internet Based Network Marketing is a very smart effective way to build your network marketing business because it gives you access to the world.

Joe LoBalsamo is an Expert Internet Network Marketer. “Learn How To Make $12,897 In A Month While Quickly And Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without EVER Buying a Single Lead?” & []

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Goal Setting And MLM Network Marketing Success

Goal Setting And MLM Network Marketing Success
By [] Kozan Huseyin

MLM Marketing is big business, however even with a plan laid out in front of us we can sometimes find it hard to succeed. setting goals is a important part of success in any field of business including MLM Marketing. What we need is a laid out way of setting goals which we can attain.

::: MLM Marketing looked at :::

MLM Marketing is on the rise again. Many people are realizing the benefits of having a home based business and also earning extra money working at home. A business opportunity which promises and has the ability to grow to create us long term prosperity is always wanted. We join a Multilevel Marketing opportunity opportunity and everything is laid out in front of us. We get access to a plan that works. This is great, but we sometimes can get overwhelmed.

Some people join Network Marketing Companies focusing on the big paycheques. They’d make themselves a very large goal which is hard to see any results on the short term or to high to hit. In the end of this type of person after seeing no results for several months, decides to leave the MLM Marketing. Without a vision people perish.

::: What are goals :::

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. You’ve heard it many times, now it is time to apply it to your MLM Marketing business opportunity and start to see your success.

So what exactly is a goal?

A goal is something you want to achieve or hit. A goal can be anything, to get up at 07:00, to go on vacation, get a prospect to say yes or even make a million this year.

These are all goals, however in this article you will learn the best practices to make consistent wins. What we need to do is to take a goal and make it a bite size goal. And how we go about this, is to look at for example the million dollars income this year.

Our first step is to take this goal and break it down into manageable pieces. In effect we make this goal a one step at a time process. The benefit is we can consistently have small achievements which take us forward to achieve our major target.

::: How to effectively set goals in our MLM Marketing home based business to be a success :::

With the previous example what we would do is to work backwards. We know to make a million dollars in a year we should be aiming at approximately $100k a month. This is where the problem begins, as most people are usually not even earning a thousand dollars a month in a part time home based business!

When I first started in MLM Marketing, I had such a view as well and went for the big stakes. I didn’t achieve anything and a felt down. This is when my upline suggested I first get the first person into the opportunity then work from there.

What you now need to do is to look at an amount or goal and break it down. If you are not even earning a dollar, your first aim is to get your first dollar. After that increase it to $10 next month, hundred dollars the following month, then thousand dollars and so forth. As you continue like this working small and increasing you will achieve massive success sooner or later.

Another big suggestion I offer you is to stick with a goal until you achieve it, and only then go to the next goal.

Go for it,

Kozan Huseyin ~ Multilevel Marketing opportunity Expert, Internet Marketer, Life Coach, Author.

[] Join Success University, the only university with learn and earn homework! You’ll learn it all.

[] Home Business Articles

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7 Reasons Why Network Marketers Fail

7 Reasons Why Network Marketers Fail
By [] Roger Loh

Why do so many network marketers fail?

As complex as we humans are, there are possibly as many reasons why the high failure rate in network marketing as there are stars in the sky. Here, there are seven reasons which probably account for a lot of failures, not in any order of importance:

Reason #1 – They do not network enough

Years ago when I first started, I read a book by a lady from Malaysia who left corporate office to multi-level marketing. And I always remember what she wrote, though this may not be in her the exact words:

“Did you work hard enough?

Did you network hard enough?

Did you think hard enough?”

I thought what she wrote was rather profound and in fact, I often ponder over the meaning of ‘network marketer’ which is made up of two root words: networking and marketing.

I came across many network marketers who do not network due to a lack of knowledge of business networking which is defined as a group of people having some kind of commercial relationship such as the relationships between boss and employee, buyer and supplier, and colleague and colleague.

Networking experts say that business networking functions best when individuals offer to help others to find connections, rather than just “cold-calling” on prospects. More about networking will be discussed in future chapters.

Reason #2 – They do not understand marketing

Here’s the other root word of the term ‘network marketer’ – marketing.

Network marketers come from all walks of life and many of them are not from sales and marketing background. Thus, they totally do not understand how marketing works.

It is therefore not surprising that many network marketers end up ‘spamming’ others either offline or online.

Reason #3 – They do not take the business seriously

If network marketers take their business as a hobby, and only work on it as and when they like, the business will pay them like a hobby.

On the other hand, those network marketers who take their business seriously are paid handsomely.

Reason #4 – They have no faith

Network marketing is a faith business. In other words, a network marketer needs to believe in himself/herself in order to succeed.

In this case, conventional wisdom of ‘seeing is not believing’ does not apply. One needs to belief first in order to see things happening!

By seeing others who succeeded before them, a network marketer must believe that they can make it too and then start taking action consistently.

Reason #5 – They have no vision

Network marketers need vision to succeed. In other words, a network marketer needs to see the forest, not the trees.

Each activity whether it is prospecting, presenting, training, etc must be seen in the light of moving the business forward rather than disjointed events. Thus, a simple failure or obstacle will not be able to cause a network marketer to quit easily.

Reason #6 – They do not understand that it is a process

Success is a journey. It takes time. No one can become successful overnight.

Thus, network marketers must understand that the process takes time and therefore must invest time to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to become better and better at what they are doing.

Reason #7 – They don’t know enough of how things work

Network marketers do not know how things work and do all the wrong things. For example, they might lack people skills like interpersonal and communication skills and therefore do not know how to prospect and present their opportunities effectively.

Roger Loh is an [] Internet MLM Expert
“Learn his secret of how he went from an unknown Singaporean to become the Success University DIRECTOR in 17 days and rake in tons of cash in just his 1st month”

==> []

==> [] 7 Reasons Why Network Marketers Fail

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Network Marketing Tool - How To Handle The First Conversation With A Prospect

Network Marketing Tool - How To Handle The First Conversation With A Prospect
By [] Dean Caporella

Knowing how to handle your first phone conversation with a prospect is one of the best network marketing tools you can possess.

Many MLM’ers search for the right tools to help them get their business off to a flying start but in all honesty, the best network marketing tool lives within you and it’s simply a matter of developing it.

Network Marketing Tool - First Contact

It’s so important to be able to connect with a prospects wants and needs during first contact that it cannot be understated. This first call should both establish a prospect’s why and establish you as the person with the solution.

You are basically a facilitator of a solution. The initial conversation should establish a mutual and meaningful discussion between you and your prospect.

The problem with many distributors is they are so eager to pour out their emotions about how great their business and products are that before they know it, they’ve sabotaged any chance of the prospect wanting to take a look at any further information.


Well simply put, they’ve made this first phone conversation all about them. Believe it or not, the person on the other end of the line could not give “two hoots” about your company and products. All they are interested in is whether your offer can benefit them. So, let’s dig into your arsenal of network marketing tools and come up with a simple process in establishing the prospect’s why.

Network Marketing Tool - 6 Questions You Should Ask

Okay, let’s look at six questions you need to ask during that all important first conversation. These questions will give you a good idea of where the prospect is really at regarding a home based business.

Remember, this is just an initial contact and you are not selling anything. It’s all about the prospect and you are just evaluating their current situation.

1. After initial introductions always ask whether this is a good time to speak?

2. Are they still looking for a home based business or have they found one?

3. Next, you need to ask how long they have been on the search for a home based business?

4. Have they found anything that has peaked their interest?

5. Now it’s time to delve a little deeper. What is the most important thing in the prospect’s life? If they had no financial restrictions what would they devote most of their time to?

6. Finally, you need to establish their level of desire because without any desire, they probably won’t be a good fit for you as a business associate. Use a number scale such as 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. Ask them what their level of desire is. Set a number you are willing to accept as a reasonable level to work with such as 6 or 7 out of 10. Any lower and you should consider whether it would be feasible to continue on with them.

Want to put network marketing lead generation steroids? Learn the [] 7 great lies of network marketing. Join the top 5% of network marketers making money by dramatically improving your sponsoring rate at: []

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[—How-To-Handle-The-First-Conversation-With-A-Prospect&id=614256 ]—How-To-Handle-The-First-Conversation-With-A-Prospect&id=614256

Using Creativity In Your Home Based Business

Using Creativity In Your Home Based Business
By [] Stephen Wright

Attempting to create and maintain a successful internet business requires a firm grasp on specific marketing techniques. Many of these are unique to the marketing on the internet versus a traditional brick and mortar business. However, one constant that prevails for both is in the area of promoting, advertising and marketing your business.

In fact an essential key to being successful is promoting your business is a continuous and constant requirement. The “opportunities” are never ending and must be frequently updated and reworked.

Below are a few of the basic areas you will need to carefully consider when promoting your business and activities to ensure success in your promotions.

For each promotion activity you have underway, make sure that each one has a specific purpose and “goal”. To randomly create and put into place promotions that are unrelated to your products or ones that do not contribute in some meaningful way are a waste of resources (money and your time to put them into place). Plan the promotions carefully and follow up closely to ensure they are working as planned.

Make sure you have properly identified and targeted the audience most likely to benefit by and be interested in your product promotions. To do otherwise is again a total waste of your time and money.

Testing and measuring your efforts is vital to your success. There are numerous methods for doing this with home based business activities on the internet. These include such applications as ad tracking software/services and autoresponders. Personally, I use both of these methods and find them invaluable. Not only do they allow you to track the effectiveness of your promotions, in the case of autoresponders, they allow you to run a portion of your business on “auto pilot”.

Make sure your promotions offer solutions to audience’s problems or issues. Offering vividly clear solutions to common problems is a formula for success. Your potential clients will know the difference. You must clearly demonstrate that you understand their problems and are offering bonafide solutions.

To convince them you understand their problems you must offer clear and distinct benefits followed by clear features of your solution which will solve their problems. This may sound simple, but one does not have to read very far to find hundreds of promotional internet marketing business ads and promotions which do not follow this basic rule. Clients are interested in features that will solve their problems, period.

And lastly, persistence is a key ingredient to success. Only through persistent hard work, keeping your products and promotions for those products in front of potential “targeted” customers will ensure your success in profits and revenues.

Using the techniques above, along with a little creativity in putting them into place will go a long way towards ensuring success with home based business programs.

Stephen Wright is President & CEO of
Every home based business website needs guidance and advice on improving revenues and profits. Visit us today for information, tools, and techniques and proven to make you successful. Get Started Today! []

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The Truth On MLM

The Truth On MLM
By [] Joe LoBalsamo

The Truth On MLM. In Network Marketing their are many ways to build a profitable business. How do you know what is the truth on MLM. Well you don’t. I have found in my experience that you must be willing to go out and do your own research on what will be the truth on MLM for you. When I first got started in network marketing, I followed what my upline coach suggested I do. They suggested that I buy leads from lead companies and cold call them. I did do well with it. However I found out that its not very duplicable for most people to do. This was a big truth on MLM that was brought to my attention when I was prospecting over the phone.

The truth on MLM for me was to go through a process of attempting different ways to build my network marketing business. If I never did that I would still be buying leads and making cold calls. The truth on MLM for me was learning actual Internet marketing strategies that helped me explode my business. I also to the time to learn some marketing. Network marketing, I think, should be a business of marketing and not just buying leads and cold calling them. The truth on MLM is most people are taught this skill along with doing home parties and talking to everyone you meet about your network marketing business. These skill sets do work but many of them are not duplicable and most people won’t do them.

I found the truth on MLM, by learning what I can from top income earners in our industry. Learning their heavy hitter secrets. Let me ask you a question. Do you think the top income earners for your company buy, lead list and cold call them? NO They Don’t. The truth on MLM for this is they learned how to generate their own traffic and targeted leads using the Internet. This way they don’t have to pay a lead company for generic leads, which by the way aren’t your target market. The truth on MLM for the heavy hitters is that they have people chase them down looking to join them in their business verses you chasing your leads by making cold calls to them. Top income earners attract the right kind of prospect to them. Here’s another BIG truth on MLM, you must have system in place that will attract the right kind of prospects to you while you generate income in the process to fund your advertising cost. Even if no one joins you in your network marketing business. This takes all the financial burden off you.

The people who make it in network marketing, are the one’s, that learn how to do their own marketing so they have complete control over their business. I suggest that you do the same. This is the truth on MLM that I have learned and apply today that brought me massive success in my primary business and can do the same for you.

Joe LoBalsamo is an Expert Internet Network Marketer. “Learn How To Make $12,897 In A Month While Quickly And Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without EVER Buying a Single Lead?” & []

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Success In Usana, Herbalife, Or ACN - Are You Marketing A New Problem To Your Prospects

Success In Usana, Herbalife, Or ACN - Are You Marketing A New Problem To Your Prospects
By [] Jim Yaghi

Most network marketers are packaging and trying to sell a new problem, not a solution. It certainly should not be that way, but it was not until many months into my USANA network marketing experience that I found the recruiting system to be incomplete.

Other reputable companies like Herbalife, Melaleuca, Agel, and ACN suffer from incomplete systems too. You think, with network marketing, that you offer a solution to money problems. Your prospect sees you asking them to spend money to enrol and asking them to spend more money every month on their autoship. This seems like a new financial liability. In the mind of your prospect they are asking questions about how to recover their cost and break even:

“How will I find people to speak to?”

“Who will I sell to?”

“How quickly can I make my money back?”

“What if I can’t find anyone to join my business?”

In fact, they often voice these as objections at the end of your presentation.

Your company presentation, which made quite clear the costs and process of payment that is involved, only glosses over the answers to the more important questions. There is rarely any mention of the amount of effort and time required to build a profitable business. The prospect, like anyone else, wants to minimise their exposure to risk–at the very least with an action plan. They want a guarantee of results which your company forbids you to give. You’re in a fix. You have to tell them what it costs to join and remain active, but your presentation doesn’t tell them how to succeed. They see a problem because you left the rest of the solution to their imagination. What if you could give your prospects an honest guarantee?

How to Give your Prospects a Guarantee

In those days, the USANA system I was trained on instructed us to “edify” an expert. Looking back, the expert served as an unspoken guarantee of the results that were possible with the business. But this did not really feel honest. It spoke of a possibility that neither I nor many people in my expert’s organization had yet achieved. We were all dreamers selling others on a dream. What’s worse is that we all didn’t know how to reach it. If you want network marketing to be seen as a solution, it should be packaged as a complete solution with all the missing pieces filled out.

What’s the big secret? Let your prospects know how they can recover their investment and their monthly cost. Show them how they are expected to get leads and make sales. If they can see how to do the business and overcome the new money and time problems they will be creating for themselves, then they will join you.

Instead of marketing the USANA, Herbalife, or ACN business opportunity, educate prospects on the solutions to network marketing. Most of your prospects are already or will become aware of the problems, so don’t be afraid to expose and address them.

When I learned this powerful little secret, I first went on a mission to learn how to create leads automatically, how to get immediate cashflow from my business, and how to get my phone ringing off the hook with people wanting to join me. I then documented it and educated my prospects in advance on the same skills.

The details of how this works, however, are outside the scope of this article.

Remember, your prospects say no to your opportunity because they see it as a new problem, not a solution. Package it as a solution and they will flock to join you.

Jim Yaghi is a successful USANA distributor and a professional internet marketer who specializes in training people to build their own cash-flow streams on the internet. If you would like to speak to Jim or to learn about his team’s internet marketing system visit: [http://Secrets.OziBillionaire.Com/] http://Secrets.OziBillionaire.Com/

If you are a network marketer and want to be a part of Jim’s free training newsletter, you can enroll here [http://MagneticLeads.OziBillionaire.Com] http://MagneticLeads.OziBillionaire.Com

Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article as long as you leave all of the links active, do not edit the article in any way, give author name credit and follow all of the [] EzineArticles terms of service for Publishers

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[,-Herbalife,-Or-ACN—Are-You-Marketing-A-New-Problem-To-Your-Prospects&id=609499 ],-Herbalife,-Or-ACN—Are-You-Marketing-A-New-Problem-To-Your-Prospects&id=609499

Gaining Traffic to Your Site

Gaining Traffic to Your Site By [] Vera Raposo Once your website is up and running, it’s time to start building traffic. This is achievable through various methods. However, many scrapbook online business owners grow discouraged and want to give up too soon before they apply enough sweat equity. Gaining traffic to your website is a process that requires much time and effort on your part. It isn’t something that you can sit back and wait to happen. Creating a website and putting it online does not ensure that you will pull in the traffic, and essentially the customers, that you need to keep your business growing. A popular advertising method right now is article marketing. Article marketing is so trendy because it’s the best form of online advertising—free. You simply write quality articles about all kinds of scrapbooking topics, together with a link to your website in your bio. Then submit these articles to free article directories. Your articles are then read and picked up by other publishers looking for quality content. Another way to pull in website traffic is to leave comments on scrapbooking blogs. Don’t “spam” the blog by leaving a short, “Hi, visit me at…” message. Take the time to read the content or surf through the blog first. Then leave a comment on a recent entry, along with a link to your website. Forums are another good way to share your link and get website traffic. Join some of the more popular scrapbooking forums. Get involved in the online community, offering advice or help to beginning scrapbookers. Most forums allow you to create a customized signature line, in which your website address can be added. Most importantly, stay active online. The best way to promote your online scrapbook business and gain more traffic to your site is to network and be seen. Get your name out there! Vera Raposo is the Scrapper’s Business Coach. Sign up for her personal mailing list at [] and get tips and resources to help all of your scrap ventures succeed. Article Source: [ ] [ ]

Why Guaranteed Sign Ups is Desired For Your MLM Business

Why Guaranteed Sign Ups is Desired For Your MLM Business
By [] Joseph Then

Anyone with a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business is always looking to expand it and make it grow, and if you have one of them or are involved in an MLM program, you probably are too. Now, more and more people are using the Internet to get people to join, as it provides you with a number of different opportunities to promote your business and help it grow. However, one of the increasingly popular methods used by MLM businesses and programs is to use guaranteed sign ups, as they are proving more effective at growing your downline than other forms of Internet advertising and recruitment.

Guaranteed sign ups provide MLM businesses with information from individuals who have shown an interest in joining your program. These sign ups have occurred through individuals manually entering their information and details to show they are interested in your business. Now it’s up to you to sell them on your MLM program and why they should join your downline.

If you are utilizing other methods of advertising and recruiting for your MLM business or program, you should consider switching to using guaranteed sign ups, as they are going to provide you with more solid leads, which will require you to spend less time converting these prospective leads into individuals joining your program. Guaranteed sign ups are the most effective method of securing leads for your business.

Many times individuals with MLM programs spent countless hours advertising their program in various places on the Internet and sending emails to cold contacts, which are often generated from a marketing firms list and are not interested in your program at all. Many also waste money by purchasing traffic and advertising in hopes this will eventually result in people joining their program. However, all of this is a waste of your time, money and energy, as guaranteed sign ups can do the job for you much better in a shorter time period for a much cheaper cost.

Guaranteed sign ups will provide you with people who are interested in learning more about your program and how they can benefit from joining it. They have become a solid lead as they have taken the initiative to show their interest, and now it is up to you to convert this lead into joining the program. They are much more likely to join than individuals you are cold contacting or who are seeing an ad on a website for your program.

As you can see one of the best ways to increase the downline of your MLM program is through guaranteed sign ups. These provide you with credible, solid leads of individuals who have manually shown an interest in learning more about your program and maybe even join it. However, once you have their information it’s up to you to sell them on joining and convert them into part of your downline.

Joseph operates a guaranteed sign ups website that offers you a chance to build your MLM business. You can check out his on [] Real-Time Guaranteed Signups

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Prospecting For Success In Network Marketing

Prospecting For Success In Network Marketing
By [] Yvonne Chihak

Prospecting is the life blood of your network marketing business. To Prospect means to consistently look for the right people to share your business opportunity or products - services with. The key to hold on to in prospecting is to know that you’re sorting. You’re looking for people who are open to looking at what you’ve got. You’re also not out to convince anyone. I cringe when I hear new network marketers talk about convincing others to join them when they really should be sorting. Some people will be open and some will not. Once you understand and accept this simple fact, you’ll begin building your business without stress.

There are many different ways of prospecting. You can choose the methods you’re most comfortable with to start out so that you can develop confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed in your business. There is a never ending supply of prospects and a variety of ways to access them. Remember, your goal is to sort through them and find the ones who’re open to looking at your opportunity.

Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

This is generally referred to as your warm market. Again, not everyone in your warm market will be open, but some will. There are many different opinions on using this method, but I’ve found that it’s still the least expensive and easiest way for a lot of new people to get their network marketing business off the ground. This is because they know, like and trust you and would be open to listen just because it’s you. A lot of people are already familiar with network marketing, so chances are your friends and family have heard about it. Some of them may have been involved in a network marketing company before.

Before prospecting your warm market, make a list of their names and phone numbers. This is your blue print. When you start a business, everyone you know should be aware of what you offer. If you don’t talk to them, someone else will and you may end up regretting it. Write their names and numbers in a note book. No, your cell phone doesn’t count. Don’t prejudge anyone. Sometimes, the people you least expect will be the ones who’re actually open. As you make your list, call each person and simply ask them if they’re open to hearing about business opportunities. There are many variations to this question so speak with your upline. Take brief notes on each person you contact and their response. Be sure to ask for referrals from those who’re not open. This way, you keep your list or blue print growing.

Situational Prospecting

This type of prospecting may be warm or cold depending on your relationship to the prospect. In this case, you’re out and about and meet someone you believe is sharp. You may begin a conversation to see if they have the qualities you’re looking for. If they do, then simply ask them if they’re open to looking at business opportunities. If they are, give them your card or flyer and take their number as well. Do not start explaining your business opportunity to them right away. Set an appointment for a time when you can both be focused on your opportunity. You can practice situational prospecting anywhere. It could be at your job, out shopping, at your child’s school or play ground, at a parade or fair, at a party, in the elevator, while getting your car serviced and just about anywhere there are people. Be sure to add the names and numbers to your list and take notes when you speak with them.

Leads and the Internet

This is a whole new world for many network marketers and it takes time and practice to become proficient. There are many companies that generate leads of opportunity seekers and sell these leads to network marketers. This method takes time and skill because you’re dealing with people who don’t know you. So, there’s no trust initially. There are many resources online to teach you how to approach leads and you must do your home work. Leads can cost a lot of money, so tread carefully. Some lead companies offer free trial leads and free training to help you with the skills you’d need. Take advantage of these.

You can also learn to generate your own leads online using a variety of methods. Having a web presence is essential to capture the information of the prospects. For this, you use a lead capture page. Then you’ll need an auto-responder system to follow up with them and determine their level of interest in looking at what you’ve got. You’ll need to learn how to generate traffic to your lead capture page. You can do this by using online and offline methods. Every flyer, business card, newspaper ad, article, press release, email, ezine, ebook, and any other methods you use, must have your website or lead page web address. These are ways to send people to you, so that you can use the auto responder and telephone to find out if they’re open to looking at your business opportunity.

There are many different ways of finding the right people for your network marketing business. They’ll require persistence and consistency on your part. They may be frustrating sometimes, but they’ll eventually pay off. So, pick one or several, but stay focused and committed to your goals. Stay in phase one, prospecting, no matter how big your team grows. Remember that you’re sorting for the right people and although not everyone will be open, some will. With prospecting, success in your network marketing business is yours for the taking.

Prior to getting started in business for herself, Yvonne was an over-worked and under-paid high school teacher. After her dad became paralyzed at 55, her family went through some serious financial challenges. It was then that she made up her mind to take control of her financial future by going into business for herself. Because of her commitment to this decision, today Yvonne is building a successful network marketing business from home and is helping others do the same. You can reach Yvonne at [] or call her at 877 827 6826

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