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When Do I Promote My Business To My List?

When Do I Promote My Business To My List? By [] Daegan Smith It’s Friday and one on the biggest benefits to owning your own business is setting your own schedule. I’ll be cutting out early here to go see a movie with my lady friend, but before I do that I have a great question to get answered for you. This question comes from Joe LoBalsamo and it’s a great one! “If someone is just starting to build their list, what would be a good time frame to approach people on your list with a Network Marketing Opportunity? And how would you approach them?” -JB Great question Joe! DS: The first question is easy - immediately! As soon as you know why it is that you are growing and building a list you need to get to using it for that purpose. So if the purpose of your marketing list is to recruit and enroll new prospects into your network marketing organization get to it! The second part of your question is a perfect follow up. Now your list is not a “list” it’s people that eat, sleep, pay bills, and breath just like you. Never forget that. Many marketers make the mistake of thinking of their list as being a “thing” and not what it really is. It’s people, and for you to use your list effectively you have to deliver something to the people on the other side of your emails that they look forward to receiving. That’s NOT what most marketers do. Most marketers only send to their list when they have something to sell to that “list”. Well, the REAL people on the other end quickly tire of being used as an ATM for the owner of the list and will lose interest and or unsubscribe when all they get hit up with is buy buy buy. “How do you approach them?” Just like you would with any friend that you were helping getting started. You’d share advice, tips, and experiences that would help them above and beyond just joining your business. And you’d do it an friendly tone. You’d joke, you’d have fun, and you’d share who you are and what you’re doing, how you’ve failed, and how you’ve succeeded. And you wouldn’t just force them into your business, you’d know that if it was right for them they would join and most definitely once they start seeing you succeed some of those that are more reserved would start to believe because first they believe in you and second they see you as a doer, not a talker and as such - someone to go to first to work with. They will join, but on their time not yours. You can force the point, but I don’t suggest it on a daily basis. So here’s what I used to do . . . When I wrote to the people on my mailing list I would speak to each person on the other end of the email just like I’m talking you now Joe. At the end of that email in a Signature file I had a line of test that read: The business that changed my life: ==> Link to business Not forcing the point, but it’s there for the curious and the initiated to move closer to you. And they will. That’s what I suggest. Again great question Joe! Daegan Smith is an Expert [] Internet Network Marketer. “Learn How To Make $10,717 In Less Than a Week While Quickly And Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without EVER Buying a Single Lead?” ==> [] ==> [] Internet MLM Expert Article Source: [ ] [ ]

How Can I Recruit From Anywhere In The World?

How Can I Recruit From Anywhere In The World?
By [] Daegan Smith

Today’s question involves a common misconception having to
do with internet network marketing.

“I’m located in Israel, the Middle East. My question is, how
can I work with you and your system (difference of 7-10
hours) knowing that there might be a problem with recruiting
and training people in the States or elsewhere who might not
want to work with someone so far away, and/or from Israel.
How can it be done technically and practically?”


Rosalyn this is a good question and one which requires you to
think outside of the box a little.

First understand the most active and fastest growing team
within my own organization is located in Singapore a full 12
hour time difference from here in the states.

If you are calling leads yeah it’s a hassle to get up at
midnight and call people in Singapore or anywhere else in
the world to recruit them into your business, and to be
honest it would feel, from the prospect’s perspective, in
a little desperate.

“Why is this guy in the US calling me in Singapore to join
his business in the middle of the night for him?”

Well that’s not the case with internet network marketing.
You are not physically there doing the recruiting online.
The marketing process is. You could very well be fast asleep
when people on the other side of the world are being exposed
to your business.

They will decide to join your business on their time not
yours. Time differences just don’t matter online and it’s a
huge advantage. You can tap markets that your previously
couldn’t penetrate using more dated methods.

You could literally luck up and recruit a big hitter in the
states while your sleeping online.

My sponsor in my business lives in Malasyia. I’ve never met
him or spoken to him.

Why? He found me online and I made the decision to join
regardless of time and because of it he now has roughly 6150
people under him without doing a thing.

Can this happen to you?


I was a nobody with no record of success so neither he nor I
knew what the future would hold. Understand each of your
prospects and recruits holds this same potential regardless
of where they are.

“How do you train people on the other side of the globe?”

You set a time that they can meet and if they are serious
they will.

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. Skype
and other online service provide free online calling and
conference calling which you can use to communicate
personally with anyone anywhere so take advantage.

Understand internet network marketing knows no time or
location barriers. If you are in Israel or anywhere else in
the world it doesn’t matter the principles and leverage are
the same.

“How do I recruit globally?”

I can’t stress enough the wealth of knowledge and experience
waiting for you in Power Prospecting System. While you’re
just starting I’ve been at this for 3 years now day and
night perfecting and enhancing what it means to be an
internet network marketer. Literally spending hundreds of
thousand of dollars to know what I know and it’s all at your
finger tips.

Take another look - see the resource box.

Daegan Smith is an Expert [] Internet Network Marketer. “Learn

How To Make $10,717 In Less Than a Week While Quickly And

Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without

EVER Buying a Single Lead?”

==> []

==> [] Internet MLM Expert

Article Source: [ ]
[ ]

How Much Money Do I Need To Grow My Business?

How Much Money Do I Need To Grow My Business?
By [] Daegan Smith

Today’s question is one that I think many wonder about. For
all the fathers out there, today is your day. Enjoy it!

I think you’ll find some important insights in the following
Q & A session.

“Will it cost me a lot of money to promote my business with
your system? Will it work for any ML-M program? Is the system
user friendly for newbies? If you don’t have a lot of
upfront money is there a way too promote my program? I would
love too order the program, but if there is no money too
work the system then it’s useless and It’s always nice too
know there is someone too speak too.”


Tammy this is a great question, here’s your answer.


There are many questions rolled up into one here, so let’s
start at the beginning.

“Will it cost me a lot of money to promote my business with
your system?”

We all tend to be risk averse when we begin a new business
and so I understand this question. You want to know if I get
the knowledge needed for success will I be able to profit
quickly and easily.

If I had to do it all over again what I would I would have
spent money on FIRST would have been learning what is
required for success. What I did was jump in without knowing
either the basics of marketing or network marketing and for
it I gained a lot of expensive experience based knowledge on
what is NOT terribly effective.

So your question is one of perspective. All businesses take
money, enthusiasm, a thirst for knowledge, and effort.

The thing that hurts many of us is that our enthusiasm
far exceeds our knowledge and abilities at the beginning.
Meaning we start a business for the promise of money without
knowing much about what it is we are getting ourselves into.

It’s not wrong. In fact it’s natural. If not for this
process we would not have the opportunity to grow into our
new position as a business owner. But understand that when
you take the big leap to start a network marketing business
you are in a business.

As such you must know how that business works, how to market
that business effectively, what works from experience, and
marketing capital.

So the answer to your question is yes the system can work
for you without much addi’tional inc’ome input. I know this
from reviewing our members records, but I can’t guarantee
this will happen in every case.

Each person comes in with a certain amount of knowledge and
experience and so each has a different learning curve. Your
learning curve will determine how quickly and how much money
you spend to come into profit.

The important goal on my side is to accelerate that
learning curve as quickly as possible and we do that by
having weekly live teleconference training so you know what
works from a results based perspective and monthly webinars
for our advanced members where I literally show you how to
do what I do, my results, and how to do it yourself straight
from my desktop to yours.

This was never done for me, but I love doing it because it
removes a great deal of mystery behind the whole marketing
game and displays the truth as well as huge areas of
opportunity so you can both see and hear what works and the
exact results that I am personally having right now.

One last thing on this first question . . .

When you think from the perspective of “How much will I have
to spend to make money?” you’re mind is working from a lack
perspective. This is not in alignment with the proper
mindset for success.

When you are always worried about what you don’t have you
leave little room for yourself to see what you do have and
where you have an opportunity to grow.

You must change this way of thinking to move yourself into
the realm of stable an predictable success and wealth.

Check your thoughts often to make sure you’re not letting
these lack thoughts sneak into your consciousness. If you
allow them to dominate your thoughts they will dominate the
other areas of your life that will determine your level of

Next question . . .

“Will this work for any business?”

Yes. The system - what you learn is how to build yourself into
the leader that others are attracted to. Mostly through
automated means that you neither have to worry about or
think about.

So the system is more than generic. It’s built to build you.

“Is the system newbie friendly?”

Again yes. Weekly live interactive training provides the
opportunity for you to learn in a live environment and get
your personal questions answered each and every week.

It’s built to infuse you with the experience and knowledge
that I have and continue to acquire in real time. There is
nothing more newbie friendly or even in the realm of in
depth and immersive than this.

“If you don’t have a lot of upfront money is there a way too
promote my program?”

Yes. We train both on free and paid traffic generation
methods. But my advice is this.

To run a business without money to allow it the opportunity
of growth leaves little room for the probability of real

I would advice you to first check your thoughts about your

If they sound like this . . .

“This business is great, I really hope this works for me
because I don’t have that much money.”

You’re not running a sound business. You’re hoping.

And wishing something to happen doesn’t bring it into

Faith in your business with proper preparation and knowledge

I would advice you to first acquire the knowledge necessary
for success and then save money so that you are not
handicapped from the outset.

Yes you can make money without system without a huge
marketing budget and it is a big part of what is taught, but
to believe that you can run a successful business without
capital is not that realistic.

This again is one of the biggest fallacies of network
marketing “The dream of wealth with little effort and little

Wealth is not created in this way in any business, network
marketing offers a huge advantage over other business models
and why I am so passionate about it, but it is not exempt
from the foundational principles of running a business. It’s
not magic, but it is a potent wealth building construct for
the average person like you or me to make our dreams come

“I would love to order the program, but if there is no money
too work the system then it’s useless and It’s always nice
too know there is someone too speak too.”

Not really a question, but more of a comment. And you are
exactly right no tool has any use if there is not sufficient
energy, technique, or knowledge to use that tool

The system was built to put an end to the two biggest
problems network marketers experience. Lack of money and


I saw many on the verge of success, but fail for a temporary
lack of one or the other of these two necessary components to

If you lack either of these two resources the system is set
up to give you the leverage to alleviate this lack so that
your business and grow and flourish for years by creating
this resources predictibly and profitably.

See the resource box . . .

Daegan Smith is an Expert [] Internet Network Marketer. “Learn

How To Make $10,717 In Less Than a Week While Quickly And

Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without

EVER Buying a Single Lead?”

==> []

==> [] Internet MLM Expert

Article Source: [ ]
[ ]

The Perfect Online Business

The Perfect Online Business
By [] Kevin Simon

Everyone says that working online, having your own Internet business and working from home, is the best of all possible ways to work. “Imagine the time freedom. Imagine working where you want, when you want and only if you want” they say. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But is that true? Has that been your experience? Sadly, most people must answer “No, that hasn’t been my experience.” And that truth led me to wonder why do most people who try to start an online business fail, and is there a perfect online business? I had to know.

So I took time to find out. I studied every online business I could find, looking for signs of success, the attributes that all successful businesses have in common. What I found amazed me. And I hope it will help you in your quest to find the perfect business for you. I found that there are three characteristics of a successful internet business.

1. VERY Profitable

While you can make money selling a $20 eBook or a $10 per month membership, most people fail at these businesses. The reason they fail is that it takes far too long to succeed at $20 per sale. The fact is, it is not as easy to make sales as some would have you believe. This is why you must go for a business that offers a high per-sale profit or commission. The perfect business is one that will reward you handsomely every time a sale is made. Look for a business that pays $400 or more per sale and you will do well.

2. No Special Skills Needed

You absolutely can make money by learning advanced programming skills like HTML and building websites for people. But if you do that you will be forever trapped trading time for money, and that is no good. Instead, look for a business that highly values your personal recommendation while not requiring you to learn special skills. The fact is, your main asset is you, your credibility and your ability to communication with passion about something you love.

Just as you would freely share about a movie you saw that you liked, the perfect business will be one that excites you so much that you almost can’t stop sharing with everyone just how great it is! Imagine feeling that about selling a $20 eBook that you didn’t write and might not have even read! It just won’t happen.

Look for a product or program that excites you, that inspires you, that causes you to feel hopeful. When you find that, jump in with both feet and never look back!

3. A Proven Success System

No one wants to be the first to try something totally new and unproven, and neither should you.
Your perfect business will have a proven track record, a team to support you, will answer every question you have (and I mean personally answer - not some FAQ page) and will also have a proven record of results. Here’s a tip to help you find your perfect business. Look for a business where people are succeeding now who have something in common with you. The chances are great that if they succeeded with the business you will too.

So now you have my list. Remember when looking for your perfect business to look for these three things.

1. High profits or commissions. $400 or more per sale.

2. No special skills. No need to become a programmer.

3. A proven success system. A clear path to follow.

If you find a business that interests you, then my advice is to carefully read through the website, listen to the audio and view the video, if provided, and compare with my three characteristics of a perfect online business. If the opportunity passes the test, take immediate action to enjoy favorable results.

Working online can be a dream come true … once you find your perfect business. I know there is a great fit for you out there, and hope that this article has helped you take the first steps along the path of your journey to success.

Kevin R. Simon, an emerging expert Internet Marketer,
followed the formula above to find his perfect business.
Visit and learn how you can win online too.

Article Source: [ ]
[ ]

What Would You Do If

What Would You Do If
By [] Daegan Smith

Just getting up this morning and reading through a couple
books I have in my library on network marketing. I found a
passage that I had bookmarked but forgotten about for some

For a long time this passage got me through all the tough
times and there were a few, so I want to share it here today . . .

The passage goes:

What if you knew that your success is network marketing was
guaranteed. That without a doubt there would be no chance of
you not achieving greatness in your business.

Five years from now you would have no more worries about
money, your time would be yours and you would be living the
lifestyle of your dreams?

But to get there you had to go through a bankruptcy, your
downline would disintegrate in front of your eyes three
times, and your spouse would leave for a time due to the
stress of the situation.

Would you still go through it?

I remember reading this passage verbatim during the time
period when I was failing way more than I was succeeding and
identifying greatly with it.

I never went through a bankruptcy, but I did build up a pile
of debt and my significant other at the time did leave.

I still pushed forward because it was that important to me.

I accepted this because I knew I what I was going through
was for the greater good and that all bad situations, like a
cut on the knee, are temporary.

Fast forward to today, and all the tough situations were
well worth it.

Don’t expect the road to success to be sunny and mild, there
will be a few showers and cold nights along the way.

But I can guarantee you that it’s worth it if your goal is
worth it to you.

Daegan Smith is an Expert [] Internet Network Marketer. “Learn

How To Make $10,717 In Less Than a Week While Quickly And

Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without

EVER Buying a Single Lead?”

==> []

==> [] Internet MLM Expert

Article Source: [ ]
[ ]

Make Money Network Marketing - 5 Reasons To Do MLM Online

Make Money Network Marketing - 5 Reasons To Do MLM Online By
[] Dean Caporella I am often asked… “can you make money network marketing?” My response is usually…”sure, if I can make money network marketing then anyone can.” It’s a vague response I know but the truth is, today, with the internet such a prominent and active part of our day-to-day lives the opportunity for MLM’ers to attract targeted prospects into their business funnel has never been greater. Online Network Marketing Vs. Offline This has been a hotly debated topic in recent years with the battle lines drawn between the offline and online network marketing crowds. The old style MLM’ers have vigorously defended the old style methods while the new breed of networkers have seen the light and incorporated online marketing methods into their businesses. Who is right and who is wrong? I’m here to tell you I’ve been in both worlds and while offline methods have their place, the ability to make money network marketing on the internet is very real. Finding a balance between the two is the ideal scenario but the simple truth is, many people just don’t possess the skill set to work their businesses in a face-to-face fashion. That’s okay. So what advantages does network marketing online have over offline.? Make Money Network Marketing Online 1. Most people don’t like to cold call their friends, relatives and strangers about their business opportunity. 2. Running your business online means you can take advantage of the automated processes. What are they? How about websites, blogs and autoresponders to firstly attract targeted prospects and secondly, to keep them in the loop periodocally via automated emails. 3. Geographic locations are no longer a problem. Once you had to drive long distances to conduct meetings. Today, processes such as webinars have shortened the distance limitations between uplines and their downlines meaning communication via meetings can now be conducted at the “drop of a hat.” 4. Signing up new people into your business can be performed entirely online. 5. Attracting the most qualified people into your business is one of the biggest advantages of doing MLM online. Why? Instead of applying the dreaded 3 foot rule where every one within arm’s length is considered a prospect, now, methods such as: - blogging, - article marketing and - pay-per-click advertising means you can target those people who are specifically looking for your opportunity. Still think you can’t make money network marketing? Are you sick and tired of chasing down prospects and harassing relatives? Learn the [] 7 great lies of network marketing. Take your Network Marketing prospecting to a new level and accelerate your sponsor rate at: [] Article Source: [ ] [—5-Reasons-To-Do-MLM-Online&id=612708 ]—5-Reasons-To-Do-MLM-Online&id=612708

How Video Phone Conferencing Can Make You Millions From MLM

How Video Phone Conferencing Can Make You Millions From MLM
By [] Joan Upesi

Video phone conferencing or video web conferencing can make an awesome difference in your monthly MLM (Multi-level marketing) check.

Video phone conferencing on the web allows you to communicate with others in a way that is as good as personal contact through both video and audio. What this means is that you can easily share your MLM products with prospects situated in any remote or otherwise location on earth as long as they have an Internet connected computer.

This means that you will be able to grow your down line at blinding speed, which will naturally put a lot more money in your pocket.

Using video phone conferencing, you will also be able to nurture your MLM down line. Those in the business know that usually, this can be a very time-consuming and thankless task. However with video web conferencing it not only becomes easy but the results are dramatically multiplied. The secret in network marketing is being able to get your down line to duplicate what you are doing to succeed. Not only is it much easier for your down line to duplicate your system from watching and listening to you through video phone conferencing online, but it will be a piece of cake for them to adopt your system of using video web conferencing.

Video phone conferencing is a really amazing communication tool that seems to have been invented specifically to help put more money into the pockets of MLM practitioners. That is why it would be a pity for any serious MLM entrepreneur to miss this amazing boat to unprecedented success. ( [] Read the second part of this article).

Visit my [] video phone conferencing site to discover more ways of using this amazing technology to dramatically increase your monthly MLM check. Or read another ezinearticles piece on how any website or business can be made super profitable with [] video web conferencing.

Article Source: [ ]
[ ]

What Is A Funded Sponsoring Franchise And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Network

What Is A Funded Sponsoring Franchise And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Network Marketing Business
By [] Sherman Choo

What is a Funded Sponsoring Franchise and the benefits it can offer your Network Marketing business?

A Funded Sponsoring Franchise is a system that allows you to earn double your investment for every dollar you invest into advertising. These advertising mediums include, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN ads, Google Adwords, Special Leads Sources. By tying up an internet formula that allows Paid Advertising and a funded sponsoring franchise, this will allow you to re channel the money you earn back into advertising.

Benefit #1: Qualifying your prospects.
Instead of asking people to join your business, your job is only to advertise and market. In other words, you only need to let people know that your model exists rather then to sell people on your network marketing business. When you ask people to join your network marketing business because of the financial freedom, its pitch most people would have heard before, so the chances of you converting someone to your cause wouldn’t be very high. The Funded sponsoring franchise serves to qualify your prospect on your behalf by filtering those who are interested in the concept of Network Marketing and ready to give it a try. This is done by prospects having to pay a nominal fee at the gate, somewhat like an entrance fee in order to join your network marketing business. Sounds strange that people would pay to hear you talk about network marketing but thats just how it has worked out for me. Its strange but true.

Benefit #2: Internet Network Marketing training by people who earn doing the stuff they teach..
Having been online for almost 2 years now, I’ve read many books and tried my fair share of Internet Tools designed to make you rich. I’m not someone who leaves the ebooks collecting dust in my hard drive, so in the beginning I would follow as the ebook said. The problem was that these ebooks were hybrids of funded proposals designed to sell more tools. It would be ok if purchasing of these tools would result in more cash, however, knowing now what I did not know then, I can’t help but feel that the only ones making money was the person selling the information. Its like me advising you to buy a $1000 driver so that you can drive the golf ball 300 yards, when myself am not able to pull of the feat with the same advice. In my opinion, its only fair to sell “make money” information only if you’re implementing what you’re teaching. Funded sponsoring franchises are basically that, people teaching what they do.

Benefit #3: Tying in a Leads company so that you get pre qualified leads..
Leads are the survival of any business because leads represent people interested in your offerings, and that translates into money in exchange for a benefit you can give them. Providing value in return for value. Thats they key to financial success. A good funded sponsoring franchise should allow you to generate your own leads and tie it in with a top notch leads company that does not sell leads but provides leads for its own members. By tying it all into an internet formula, the entire franchise becomes a prospecting system that at the end of it, will provide you with the best prospects that are already ready to build a network marketing business. A top notch leads company will allow you to build your business while the franchise model teaches you how to generate your own leads.

I know how it feels like having in the past to have others shun you when you mention you’re into network marketing. All that is behind us now. The internet has made it easy for us to teach anyone from around the world how to get paid telling people about network marketing..and its made possible with the [] Funded Sponsoring Franchise internet formula. I hope you find my kind of success.

[] Sherman Choo is an Internet Marketing Expert. He recently discovered the #1 Internet strategy to earn [] $95 per day on complete Auto Pilot!

Article Source: [ ]
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Three Ideas for Generating a Free MLM Report

Three Ideas for Generating a Free MLM Report
By [] Burke Jones

If you have you own lead capture page for generating MLM leads, you are probably trying to find a way to increase the conversion rate so even more visitors will opt-in to your auto responder.

One of the best ways to increase the conversion rate of your MLM capture page is to offer some type of report. The report needs to offer the visitors quality information that piques their interest enough to hand over their email address to you.

Lets look at three ways of creating your own valuable report:

1. Call on Your Upline: This may seem obvious, but use your upline. This is exactly what I did when I first got started generating my own leads on the internet. I simply called someone in my upline and interviewed them on what they had done to be successful. I recorded the phone call, and made a MP3 file that my subscribers could listen to online, or download to their portable player. I also gave a copy to the person I interviewed to use as they wanted.

2. Interview A Successful Marketer: This is an extremely powerful method, but you might have to step out of your comfort zone to make it happen. There are many successful internet marketers that might be willing to do a telephone call with you and allow you to record the interview. Be sure to generate a good list of questions, and provide it to them before hand. If they have a product that you can promote as an affiliate - this is also good advertising for them. It really can be a win-win for both of you. Be sure and give them a complimentary copy of the audio as well. I have done this for a couple of people, so feel free to contact me as well.

3. Compile Free Articles to Create a Report: There are many article directories that allow you to use articles as long as the resource box at the end of the articles (including the links) remain active. Let’s say you wanted to create a report on generating leads online. You could simply head over to Ezine Articles and do a search for “generating leads online” and you will be presented with dozens of articles. Grab 10 or 12 of the best articles and compile them into your report. Convert the document to a PDF - making sure the links remain active - and you now have your “free report” to give away as an incentive. Be sure and put some links to your site in their as well!

So there you have it - three easy ways to generate your own free report for your MLM capture page. The last thing you might want to add is a nice graphic “cover” for your report. You can easily make these yourself or outsource them for a reasonable price.

Once you add this effectively tool to your landing page, I am confident you will see your opt-in rate skyrocket!

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Three Day Plan for Online MLM Growth

Three Day Plan for Online MLM Growth
By [] Burke Jones

I was having a conversation with an associate the other night, and it got me to thinking about growing a MLM business online, and what separates those that are successful from those that are not.

If you want to grow your network marketing business online, you need to take action. I see way to many people who purchase course after course, and never take action. They have all the “secrets”, and “insiders information” - that they have spent hundreds of dollars purchasing, but they fail to take that critical first step - doing something.

If this describes you, let me give you a good kick in the pants with a three day plan to move your business forward.

Day One: If you don’t know where to start, or have a system to work with, my ebook “Internet MLM Pro Secrets” ( be a great place to start - and the price is right at $7.00. It will give you a great overview of the system you need to put in place for success.

Day Two: Get web hosting and set up your lead capture page. Look at some examples of capture pages that you like, and simply make your own - or hire someone to do it for you.

Day Three: Start writing articles and distributing them to article directories. I guarantee you that by writing just 10 articles a month you will begin to build a list of subscribers. Okay, so you probably won’t write 10 articles in one day, but set a goal to write one article a day. It takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to write a good article. Carve out some time, over lunch, get up 30 minutes early, stay up 30 minutes late, just find some time every day to write one article. I find the more I write the more new ideas I come up with to write about!

So get started right now! Take action! Don’t expect everything to be perfect, in fact the only way to learn is to get started, and build from the successes and learn from the failures.

I think my friend Albert Einstein said it best “Nothing happens until something moves”!

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